Benefits of Buying Golf Gear Direct !

Buying golf gear direct from a manufacturer can save the golfer a great deal of money.

All of the major golf equipment manufacturers only sell their equipment via retail outlets. The equipment can usually be purchased from sports stores or pro shops situated at golf courses. This enables the manufacturers to monitor, and control, the price at which their products are sold to the end user.

They do not generally sell their products direct to the golfer.

The majority of the smaller golf equipment manufacturers do however prefer to sell their golf gear direct to the end user. A large proportion of these sales are generated directly through websites and online advertising.

This direct approach reduces the 'cost of sales' considerably which is reflected in the final price. Buying golf gear direct from the manufacturer will usually save the golfer a substantial amount of money.

What are the Disadvantages of Buying Golf Gear Direct ?

A lot of the golf gear that is bought direct from the manufacturer can also be bought in high street stores. This is particularly true when it comes to buying ancillary golf gear and clothing.

So why would choose not to buy golf gear from a retail outlet?

The simple answer is that it is generally cheaper to buy direct from the manufacturer on line.

When it comes to buying golf clubs on line it can be a little more complicated. Many of the major manufacturers do not sell their golf gear direct to the public. Their websites invariably showcase the equipment they manufacture but they then direct you to a retailer for the actual purchase.

Some of the major brands take a slightly different view when it comes to second hand clubs. They often have sites dedicated to selling pre owned golf clubs from their range.

If you must have a particular brand of golf club then you will have no option but to buy from one of the brands approved retailers if it is a new set that you want.

One disadvantage of buying golf gear direct on line is that you are unable to handle the product prior to purchasing. You are invariably relying on the reviews others have posted when it comes to evaluating the item.

Most reputable companies that sell golf gear direct to the public do however offer some form of money back guarantee. If you buy a complete golf set online and find it unsuitable it can usually be exchanged or the cost refunded.

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Buying Golf Clubs Direct from the Manufacturer !

Although many of the large names in golf do not offer their golf gear direct to the user there are still a lot of smaller company's that do.

There are several companies that produce cloned golf clubs who sell on line. These companies very often sell their products exclusively on line. They do not have retailers selling for them but simply pay affiliates a small commission for sending prospective purchasers to their website.

Obviously cloned golf clubs are less expensive than named brands. If you simply want a set of clubs that will get the job done then cloned golf clubs are ideal. If on the other hand you are a golfer that is brand conscious then they will not be for you!

Most of the large manufacturers offer a golf club fitting service. This type of service is also available from a number of the manufacturers of cloned golf clubs.

Many of the companies provide an on line form that can be completed. It is simply a matter of providing the manufacturer with these critical measurements and your clubs will be made accordingly. has been set up to help golfers to source golf equipment at competitive prices. It is not always necessary to buy from a high street outlet to get good quality golf equipment.

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