Clone Golf Clubs

Clone Golf Clubs – What are They?

Many people have heard of clone golf clubs but may not actually know what they are.

A clone golf club is not the same as a fake golf club. They are a different thing altogether.

A fake golf club is one that not only looks identical to one that is manufactured by a major brand but also carries the same branding. In other words the manufacturers of the fake clubs are in effect trying to pass their product for the real thing.

Clone clubs are totally different. Although Clone Golf Clubs are often manufactured to have the look and feel of a specific branded product they carry their own unique branding. The quality of  the best cloned golf clubs are very similar to (or in deed on par with) that of the branded product. They will often have the same shafts and grips as the branded clubs. They will also have heads that are manufactured using identical materials. They are generally a high quality product in their own right.

This is in stark contrast to the fake clubs that are on the market. These are usually made from inferior components and the build quality is usually extremely poor. Most people who buy fake clubs are disappointed with their purchase and regret buying them.

Why are Branded Golf Clubs so Expensive?

Many people think that because clone golf clubs are priced so much lower than branded clubs they must be inferior. This is not the case.

The large golf club manufacturers such as Tileist, Callaway, Taylormade and Ping etc. carry out a certain amount of R & D. They are constantly developing new products. They also spend huge amounts of money on marketing their brand. They spend vast sums on advertising and sponsorship deals.

Most of the major golfing brands also sell their products exclusively through approved retail outlets.

All of this expenditure has to be recouped via the sales price of the products they sell.

Why are Clone Golf Clubs so Reasonably Priced?

The manufacturers of clone golf clubs have much lower overheads than the major brands.

Firstly they do not get involved in R & D. They simply use the ideas and technologies developed by the larger companies and apply them to their own products.

Clone Golf Clubs are not widely advertised so the advertising budget can be quite small. Clone Golf Clubs are not used by golf tour professionals so there are no expensive sponsorship deals to finance.

Most of the manufacturers of cloned golf clubs sell their products direct to the end user. This means that there is no retailers mark up on the clubs. The majority of Cloned clubs are sold via the internet through affiliate websites.

The majority of these savings are passed on to the end user which helps to keep the cost of the final product extremely competitive.

Clone Golf Clubs are an excellent alternative for anyone who may be considering buying a second hand set of Golf Clubs from one of the major brands.

Can You Have Clone Golf Clubs Custom Fitted?

All of the major golf club manufacturers offer a custom fitting service. This ensures that the clubs you are buying are manufactured to your own specification.

Measurements such as height and wrist to floor length are used to ensure that the shafts are the correct length. Other information is also analysed to determine the correct flex for the shafts, the lie and loft that you will require.

Clone Golf Clubs bought on line can also be customized in the same way. Most of the manufacturers of clone golf clubs provide an online data collection form. As with the major manufacturers the data you supply is used to make sure your new clubs fit you perfectly.

Do Clone Golf Clubs come with a Guarantee?

The majority of manufacturers of cloned clubs offer a guarantee with their products. The terms of the guarantee will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Almost all of the suppliers will provide a guarantee that covers materials and workmanship. Some will even replace the clubs or refund the purchase price if you simply do not like the look of the clubs when they arrive.

Should you buy Branded or Cloned Golf Clubs?

Some people will always buy branded products. They believe, rightly or wrongly, that branded products are always superior to the non-branded alternatives.

When it comes to golf clubs there are golfers that would not consider playing with anything other than equipment from a major brand. This can be because they firmly believe that the branded clubs will perform better. It can also be because they simply feel that playing clone clubs will damage their image with other players.

In simple terms branded and clone golf clubs (from a reputable manufacturer) will both get the job done. If you can justify paying the asking price of branded clubs then that is possibly the way to go. If on the other hand you simply want equipment that will get the job done and also save you a vast amount of money then cloned clubs are well worth considering.

In terms of cost buying clone golf clubs will usually save you around seventy to eighty percent of the cost of the comparable branded alternative!