The Callaway XR Pro Driver Review

Callaway XR Pro Driver Review

 PRODUCT TYPE  Golf Driver
 BRAND  Callaway


The Callaway XR Pro Driver

The Callaway XR Pro Driver Review

The Callaway XR Pro Driver was developed by Callaway in collaboration with aerodynamic experts from Boeing!

The club designers and developers at Callaway wanted to create a golf club that was forgiving but not at the expense of club head speed. In order to make the Callaway XR Pro Driver forgiving it had to have a deep face to facilitate a large sweet spot. Increasing the depth of the face of a golf club does however have an adverse effect on the aerodynamics of the club.

By working closely with the Boeing aerodynamic experts Callaway was able to enhance the club head design in order to maximize club head speed throughout the swing. This increased MOI obviously translates into more distance off the tee.


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The Callaway XR Pro Driver has a centre of gravity that is 53% lower than the Callaway X2 Hot Pro Driver. This is largely due to the design of the Forged Composite Crown that enables the weight to be better distributed.

The face of the club utilizes Callaways 'R.MOTO club face technology' which enables the club face to be made up to 19% thinner. By making the club face thinner and lighter you are able to create more ball speed even if the ball is not struck dead centre of the club face.

The club head is 460cc which is the maximum size allowed for professional play. You have a choice of three club head lofts, 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 13.5 degrees.

This is however a little misleading as The Callaway XR Pro Driver is adjustable. The 9 degree loft model is adjustable from 8-11 degrees. The 10.5 degree head is adjustable from 9.5 to 12.5 degrees and the 13.5 degree model will adjust from 12.5 to 15.5 degrees.

These adjustments are made via the Optifit function that has eight different adjustment settings for the loft and the lie of the club.

You can buy the Callaway XR Pro Driver in right and left hand configurations for men and for ladies.

The Callaway XR Pro Driver is supplied with the Fujikura Speeder Evolution 565 Graphite Shaft . There are however other options available. The standard shaft length for men is 45.75 inches.


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Most people who have used The Callaway XR Pro Driver are very happy with its performance and believe that it has helped them to improve their distance and accuracy from the tee.

There are obviously a few negative reviews but the majority of these simply felt that The Calaway XR Pro did not suit their particular game. There are very few reviews that are critical of the club itself.

Alternative to The Callaway XR Pro

If you like The Callaway XR Pro but are finding it difficult to justify the expenditure required there is an alternative that you might like to consider.

You can purchase a high quality clone driver from Pinemeadow Golf at an extremely competitive price. The Excel Monterossa Driver has many of the characteristics of the Callaway driver (although it does not have adjustable loft and lie).

You can however have the club completely customized to suit your own swing style and speed. You are able to choose from three graphite shafts or steel if you prefer. Each shaft is available in five different flexes, including ladies, and six different lengths.

If you do not like the standard grip that is supplied with the Excel Monterossa Driver you have over a dozen other grip options to choose from.

For More information about the Excel Monterossa Driver or any of the other Drivers from Pinemeadow golf CLICK HERE.



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