Second Hand Golf Clubs

Are Second Hand Golf Clubs Good Value for Money?

Are second hand golf clubs a good choice for someone looking to upgrade their clubs?

You have been playing golf for some time and think it is time to replace your clubs. You go to your golf club shop and price up a new set. You see several sets that you feel would be OK but you cannot believe the prices. They are simply out of your price range!

After giving the situation some thought you decide that the answer could be a set of good second hand golf clubs! You could probably get a pre-owned set for half the price of a brand new set.

Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy Second Hand Golf Clubs

There are several reasons why you should not buy second hand golf clubs.

  • They were not made specifically for you. Why would you use clubs that were made for someone else when you could just as easily have clubs that fit you perfectly.

  • The shaft length and flex is unlikely to be right for you! The likelihood that the previous owner was your height and build and also had a similar swing is extremely remote.

  • The technology relating to golf club manufacture has changed dramatically over the past few years. Second hand golf clubs will be old technology and will not help your game as much as a new set of golf clubs will.

  • The heads on the golf clubs could be totally unsuitable for you. The second hand golf clubs you buy may have been made for a golfer that is more, or less, advanced than yourself. The configuration of the set, the weighting and the loft may be totally wrong for you.

  • Second hand golf clubs rarely come with a guarantee.

  • You are unlikely to be able to return the clubs to the seller if you find that they do not suit your style of play.

  • Although second hand golf clubs are less expensive than a brand new set they are still likely to be more expensive than they should be.

  • Last but not least – You simply do not get the same satisfaction buying anything second hand that you get from buying new.

There is an Alternative to Second Hand Golf Clubs!

If you want to buy a new set of golf clubs and cannot afford to buy a new set of named brand clubs there is an alternative.

There are a number of reputable manufacturers that produce and sell high quality clone golf clubs.

Cloned golf clubs are manufactured to specifications closely resembling that of many of the main stream manufacturers.

These clubs are substantially cheaper than their branded counterparts and offer a viable alternative to having to make do with a set of second hand golf clubs.