Pinemeadow Golf Drivers Review

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Pinemeadow Golf Drivers Review

Pinemeadow golf drivers provide a high quality cost effective alternative to some of the drivers marketed by major brands such as Callaway, Taylormade and Ping.

The Pinemeadow Golf Drivers are not direct copies of any of the major brand products. Pinemeadow do however manufacture clubs that offer features and performance that compare favourably with some of the leading golf equipment suppliers.

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It is quite common for anyone taking up golf for the first time to buy themselves a cheap set of clubs initially in order to see if in fact they are going to like playing golf. After a while however the majority of people will want to progress and start playing to a higher level.

At this point most golfers begin to consider upgrading their driver and irons. Most golfers would agree that the clubs you use play a big part in determining how well you are able to play the game.

Buying new golf gear can however involve a considerable amount of financial expenditure. A new 'top of the range' golf driver alone, for example, can cost several hundred dollars. Many people simply cannot afford to spend that sort of money.

When it comes to upgrading golf equipment a high percentage of golfers will put a new driver at the top of their shopping list. If they cannot afford to buy new they will consider buying a secondhand branded driver.

This approach will obviously save a considerable amount of money.

There are however two problems with buying a second hand golf driver. The first problem is that it is not new. You simply do not experience the same pleasure from buying second hand that you you would by buying new. The second problem is that it was made for someone else, not for you.

In order to get the best results from a golf driver it needs to be built to suit your particular physical build and swing characteristics. The only way to ensure that the driver you buy is right for you is to have it made specifically for you. Having your new golf driver custom made is however extremely expensive!


Fortunately there is a solution!

All Pinemeadow golf drivers (and irons) are completely customizable. You choose the model of driver head you want and then have the club built to meet your own particular requirements.

You are able to specify the flex of the shaft that you have fitted to your new club. You are also able to choose between a graphite or steel shaft. There are also different lengths of shaft available which means that if you are shorter, or taller, than the average golfer you can still get a club that is the perfect length for you.

Pinemeadow golf also offer an extensive range of golf grips including Winn, Golf Pride and Lamkin in order to ensure that your new driver fits your hands perfectly.

Pinemeadow golf Online fitting service

In order to help you choose the right configuration for your new driver (or irons) Pinemeadowgolf offer an online custom fitting service.

You simply enter your data such as height, floor to wrist height etc into the online questionnaire to find out exactly how your club needs to be constructed to meet your needs perfectly. You then simply select the components from drop down menus and the club will be manufactured accordingly.

Pinemeadow Golf Driver Range

Pinemeadow Golf ZR 3.0 Driver

 PRODUCT NAME  ZR 3.0 Driver
 PRODUCT TYPE  Golf Driver
 BRAND  PinemeadowGolf

pinemeadow golf driver zr 3.0

Features of the Pinemeadow Golf ZR 3.0 Driver

The ZR 3.0 Driver has many of the features and characteristics that are comparable to those of the Ping G25 Driver.

The ZR 3.0 range of clubs includes irons, hybrids, fairway woods and the ZR3.0 Driver. The ZR 3.0 Driver has a 10.5 degree loft and features an extremely low centre of gravity which helps to increase the launch angle which improves carry distance. The top of the club has a 'flash graphic' which is designed to aid alignment of the club face at address. You club is available for right handed and left handed players (ladies and gents model). As with virtually all of the Pinemeadow Golf Clubs there are a number of options available for shaft and grip configurations.

The head size of the ZR 3.0 Driver is 460cc and the weight of the club (in standard format) is just 198g. The face of the club is manufactured in 'beta Titanium' and the body of the club is made from 100% titanium.

Buy The Pinemeadow Golf ZR 3.0 Driver

The Pinemeadow Golf ZR 3.0 Driver is designed to suit players of all levels. High to mid handicap players in particular will appreciate the forgiving nature of the club.

There are a number of reviews for this product on the Pinemeadowgolf website. One of the reviewers reports that the drive distance he achieves with the ZR3.0 compares favourably with the distances he was previously achieving with his old 'Burner Driver'.

Although the majority of people who bought the ZR3.0 were very happy with it there were a couple of reviewers that did not like the club compared to the drivers they had previously used.


If you are looking for a new golf driver and do not want to pay the high prices that the major brands ask for their products then The Pinemeadow Golf ZR 3.0 Driver is well worth considering.

Currently the ZR3.0 sells for under $120.00 in its basic form which is roughly half the price of comparable branded drivers.

All Pinemeadow golf drivers have a full one warranty. In addition they also offer a '30 day satisfaction guarantee'. This allows you to exchange the product or simply ask for a refund, within 30 days of purchase, if you are not completely happy with the driver you bought.

In addition to the driver the ZR 3.0 range also includes fairway woods, hybrids and irons.


Pinemeadow Command Factor Driver

 PRODUCT NAME  Command Factor Driver
 PRODUCT TYPE  Golf Driver
 BRAND  PinemeadowGolf


pinemeadow command factor driver

Pinemeadow Golf drivers – Command Factor Driver

The Pinemeadow Command Factor Driver is a no nonsense big headed driver that features a massive sweet spot. Although the club will suit golfers of any level it is probably the high handicap golfer that will benefit most from using this driver.

Using a big headed driver certainly gives most players a lot more confidence on the tee. The extra large sweet spot helps to get every shot off the tee airborne and flying in the right direction, even the ones that are hit slightly off centre.

The Command Factor Driver has a loft of 10.5 degrees and is only available for right handed players. The Command Factor Driver can be configured to suit both men and lady golfers.

Buy The Pinemeadow Golf Command Factor Driver

The club shaft length, shaft flex and grip can be customized to suit the needs of any golfer. Pinemeadow Golf suggest that the features and performance level of the Command Factor Driver should be compared to some of the TaylorMade drivers.


The Command Factor Driver is extremely competitively priced for a driver of this quality. If you like the idea of having a driver custom made for you but have always felt that the cost of doing so would be prohibitive then the Command Factor Driver could be of interest to you.

At the time of writing there was only one purchaser who had reviewed the club. It was however a positive review and the writer believes that he is hitting the Command Factor Driver between 10 and 15 yards further than he did with his previous driver.

The price of the Command Factor Driver is currently below $110.00.