Pinemeadow Hybrid Irons Review

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Pinemeadow Golf Hybrid Irons

Hybrid Irons have become very popular with golfers since they were first introduced in the late 1990's.

Hybrid irons are more tolerant of badly struck shots than traditional irons. They are particularly popular with mid to high handicap players. Generally speaking the average amateur golfer will hit the ball further with hybrid irons than they will with a normal golf iron.

Although hybrid golf clubs are a favourite amongst amateur players many of the top professional players will often replace one or two of their long irons with similarly lofted hybrid irons.

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pinemeadow golf hybrid irons

Most hybrid golf irons have numbers that are identical to the traditional iron they are designed to replace. That is to say you would use a number five hybrid iron to replace a conventional number 5 iron.

Although you would normally replace a traditional iron with a hybrid iron bearing the same number that is not to say the clubs lofts will be necessarily be identical. It is not unusual for hybrid golf clubs to have marginally less loft that the iron equivalent. You may find, for example, that your original 4 iron may have a loft of 23 degrees whilst the number four hybrid iron could have a loft of only 21 degrees.

Hybrid irons have larger heads than the equivalent conventional golf irons. The centre of gravity is also lower in a hybrid iron and is generally positioned a little further back in the club head. The shaft of a hybrid iron will almost always be graphite, although some manufacturers (including Pinemeadow) will offer a steel shaft as an alternative. The shaft length of a hybrid will also be longer than that of the traditional iron it is replacing. This extra length helps to increase the club head speed which increases distance.

The trajectory of the ball will be higher with hybrid irons than traditional irons which makes it particularly useful for approach shots to the green. This is because the higher trajectory will result in less roll thereby reducing the possibility of the ball running off the back of the green.

It is important to remember that hybrid irons should be played off the fairway in the same way you would play a normal iron, but possibly a little further back in the stance. They should not be played as though they are woods. The only exception would be when playing them from the tee.

A lot of golf clubs that are sold as sets will often include a 3, 4 and 5 hybrid irons as standard. It is also quite common for players to replace the long irons in a conventional set of clubs with hybrids.

Like many golf club manufacturers Pinemeadow Golf produce a range of hybrid golf clubs.

Some of the Pinemeadow hybrid irons have been specifically developed with a view to them being purchased as replacements for the hard to hit long irons in the golf bag. Pinemeadow also have sets of conventional irons that offer the option to replace the long irons with hybrids should you wish to do so.

Pinemeadow Golf also offer a complete set of golf irons, 3 to pitching wedge, that are made up entirely of hybrid irons.

Have Your Pinemeadow golf Hybrid Irons Customized

It is important that the new clubs you buy are right for you. The best way to do this is to have the clubs you buy customized (made to measure).

Pinemeadow Golf offer an online fitting service which enables you to enter the critical data required to ensure that your new clubs fit you perfectly.


Pinemeadow Hybrid Irons Range

PRE Progressive Hybrid Irons

 PRODUCT NAME  PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set
 PRODUCT TYPE  Hybrid Iron Set
 BRAND  PinemeadowGolf
 STAR RATING  (4.5/5)

pre progressive hybrid irons 240x240

Features of the Pinemeadow PRE Progressive Hybrid Irons

The Pinemeadow Golf PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set is designed to appeal to mid to high handicap golfers. There are a number of features that make the PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron set ideal for these players.

The PRE Progressive Hybrid Golf Irons have a much larger sweet spot than conventional golf irons. This makes them far more forgiving on shots that may not be struck absolutely perfectly. The complete set features heads that are of a hollow construction. The sole plate of the long irons is quite broad which helps the player to set up correctly and get the ball away cleanly. The width of the sole plate gets progressively narrower on the mid and short irons. Having a wider sole plate prevents the club from digging into the ground on shots on 'duffed shots' where you make contact with the ground before the ball.

The club heads are slightly offset which also helps the high handicap golfer to address the ball correctly.

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The Pinemeadow Golf PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set comprises of eight clubs in total (3 – Pitching wedge). Head covers for all of the clubs are included. Like virtually all of the golf clubs supplied by Pinemeadow the PRE Progressive Hybrid Irons can be customized. If you do not wish to take advantage of the customization option the clubs will be fitted with a Pinemeadows standard flex graphite shaft and a black and orange standard grip.

Pinemeadow Golf suggest that the features and performance of the PRE Progressive Hybrid Irons are comparable to the Adams a70 progressive hybrids.


The Pinemeadow Golf PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set is more likely to appeal to mid/high handicap players than those of a higher standard.

If you are struggling to hit the ball cleanly off the fairway then a set of hybrids are almost certainly going to help you. The launch angle of hybrid irons is much steeper than conventional golf irons which helps tremendously when it comes to getting the ball airborne. The extra large sweet spot and lower centre of gravity also help to reduce the number of miss hits.

Pinemeadow produce quality golf clubs at sensible prices and the PRE Progressive Hybrid Irons are no exception. If you feel that a set of Hybrid Irons would help your game then these clubs are worth considering.

There are lots of reviews for The Pinemeadow Golf PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set on The Pinemeadowgolf website and the vast majority of them give an unreserved five star rating.


ZR 3.0 Hybrid Iron Set

 PRODUCT NAME  ZR 3.0 Hybrid Iron Set
 PRODUCT TYPE  Hybrid Iron Set (Combination)
 BRAND  PinemeadowGolf
 STAR RATING  (4.5/5)

ZR 3.0 hybrid irons combination set

Features of the Pinemeadow ZR 3.0 Hybrid Irons

The ZR 3.0 Hybrid iron set is a combination golf set!

Conventional long irons are notoriously difficult to hit for the amateur golfer. They struggle to make a clean contact with the ball which means they do not achieve the distances they should.

The Pinemeadow Golf ZR 3.0 Hybrid Iron set overcomes this problem by replacing these hard to hit clubs with equivalent hybrid irons.

The club heads are slightly offset which also helps the high handicap golfer to address the ball correctly.

Buy The Pinemeadow Golf ZR 3.0 Hybrid Irons

The Pinemeadow Golf ZR 3.0 Hybrid Iron set consists of nine clubs (3 – SW). Pinemeadow give you the choice of including either two or three hybrids in the set. The hybrids are supplied with graphite shafts as standard and you have the choice of selecting steel or graphite shafts for the conventional irons. Like virtually all of the Pinemeadow ranges of clubs you can of course have the ZR 3.0 Hybrid Irons completely customized to your requirements.

The Pinemeadow Golf ZR 3.0 Hybrid Irons are suitable for ladies and gents and are available in right and left handed variants.

The heads of the ZR 3.0 Hybrids are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Headcovers are supplied for all of the hybrids in the set you choose.


Although a lot of golfers will be drawn to the PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set and like the benefits that playing with a full set of hybrids can provide, others will not be totally happy with that solution.

A combination set of irons provides the best of both worlds. Replacing the long irons with hybrids boosts long game confidence whilst still allowing the golfer to play his/her normal game with the mid and short irons.

The ZR 3.0 Hybrid set will mainly appeal to mid handicap players who want to improve their game.

The ZR 3.0 Hybrid Irons can be purchased separately by anyone who simply wishes to replace the long irons in their existing set with hybrids. There are four individual ZR 3.0 Hybrid Irons available (2, 3, 4 and 5).

The ZR 3.0 Hybrids form part of the ZR 3.0 range of clubs. Pinemeadow Golf promote the ZR 3.0 Range as their 'flagship range of clubs'. The complete range also includes conventional iron sets, fairway woods and a driver.

There are several reviews of the ZR 3.0 clubs on Pinemeadows website and virtually everyone who has bought them seem to agree that the clubs have improved their game.

Anyone wanting to upgrade their existing clubs could do a lot worse than giving the ZR 3.0's a try.